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In Great Britain, patients on average have just ten minutes with their GP. If you feel you have a lot to discuss with the doctor and need more time, please ask for a double appointment. Urgent slots are available every day of the week. If you need an urgent appointment you will be seen as soon as possible on that day. Please help the receptionists by telling them whether or not your problem is urgent.

ALL patients will be given the right to a same day assessment if clinically indicated.

ALL patients being referred to hospital will be given the right to choose their hospital.

NHS resources are precious and it is in everyone’s interest to use them in a responsible manner. Please:

  • Please keep your phone call brief and avoid calling during peak morning time for non-urgent matters
  • Only use the emergency service in a genuine emergency
  • Treat all the members of the team with respect and courtesy at all times.
  • Reduce delays by remembering appointments are for one person only.
  • Keep your appointment and always let us know if you wish to cancel or change.
  • Notice helps, but even knowing at the last minute can help us fit someone else in.

A BIG THANK YOU to all our patients who take the time to cancel an appointment they no longer need.

Be Prepared

Make a list of any questions / problems you wish to discuss before hand.

Take a pen & paper as you may want to note down important points.

Wear loose clothing if it’s likely you will need to be examined.

Be prepared to tell your doctor of any non-prescription medicines or supplements you are taking.

You can bring someone with you for support.

During The Appointment

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If you don’t understand, ask your doctor to repeat it or write it down.

If you are prescribed a drug, make sure you know why it has been given to you, how long to take it for etc. Remember pharmacists are experts in medication and a very useful source of advice.

Be direct. If you have a problem that you find embarrassing or difficult to talk about, don’t leave it to the end of the appointment before mentioning it. Remember your problem is likely to a common one for your GP, who is there to help you.

One Problem At A Time

If you have several problems it is more effective in the long run to concentrate on just one problem during the consultation than to have to rush through a list of problems. Be prepared to make another appointment so that each problem can be given the time it needs to be sorted out.

Be on Time

Be on time for your appointment, or inform the surgery as soon as possible, if you wish to cancel your appointment.

Separate Appointments

Make a separate appointment for each member of the family.

Under 14 Year Olds

Accompany under 14 year olds. If however, a young person strongly wishes to be treated without his/her parent’s involvement, his/her confidentiality will be respected.

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